EnduroShield Glass Treatment

Effective Glass Treatment

protect Your Shower Glass with EnduroShield® Glass Treatment

EnduroShield Glass Treatment powered by EnduroShield®, is a permanent, ultra-thin, transparent coating which seals the glass surface. EnduroShield helps to protect against etching and staining from hard water, lime scaling, and soap scum.  Similar to the non-stick surface of a frying pan, EnduroShield eliminates the need for scrubbing with harsh, toxic detergents, and makes cleaning with water and a mild cleanser easier and more effective.

A one-time, permanent application makes grime, dirt, and soap scum up to 50% easier to clean, resulting in glass that maintains its “like new” appeal with less cleaning effort. EnduroShield’s superior protection also helps prevent the build-up of mold and harmful bacteria, promoting a healthier shower environment.

Video – Maintaining EnduroShield® Treated Glass in Hard Water Conditions

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