Fully-Framed Shower Enclosures

Fully-Framed Shower Enclosure Door Type Example

Features & Benefits

Why Choose a Fully-Framed Shower Enclosure?

Fully-framed shower enclosures are fully enclosed in a structural frame. They are made with framed glass panels and doors, frame going around all the glass edges. They are typically made with 3/16 inch glass, that’s thinner compared to frameless or semi-frameless enclosures, but being fully framed, they are often more stable. The hardware and hinges on framed shower doors are attached directly to the frame, so the handle is typically a small fixture on one edge. This traditional style of shower enclosures is more cost-effective, and it’s easier to install. 

  • More affordable solution
  • Provides a better water retention
  • makes a bold visual statement

Premium Hardware & Glass Options

Let us help you Find matching Shower Door Hardware & Glass Style

We offer multiple glass and hardware finishes and shapes to compliment the style that is already being utilized in the rest of your bathroom space, or whatever the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Premium Shower Door Hardware

Shower Door Hardware

We offer all types of hardware to compliment your style and décor including square edge and beveled edge hinges and mounts, the most popular for contemporary bathrooms. We also have a full line of premium and luxury shower hardware for contemporary, modern, and traditional style bathrooms.

Shower Enclosure Glass

The options when choosing the glass for your shower can seem vast. Most people go for the most simple option. We are happy to help you choose and decide what glass style fits best for your bathroom project. Another consideration is the thickness of glass. It will depend on which enclosure you choose. 

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